how to get more views on youtube (2020)

how to get more views on youtube

how to get more views on youtube
Hello! Viewer, I hope you all will be fine. and today I will tell you how to grow your youtube channel organically and get more views on your videos and complete your 4k watch time hours and 1k subscriber quickly. and earn money from your youtube channel. so today I will tell you the 5 cool tips for your youtube channel so let get started.

Logo and banner for Channel

If you think that logo and banner are not increased channel views so you are wrong. because if a visitor visits your channel and your channel has the best logo and banner so there is a 70% chance that this visitor subscribes to your channel. so this is a basic tip but working well. so try them.

Video Quality

This is very important that your video quality is good if your video quality is good so your video audience retention will high and when audience retention is high youtube is directly promoting your video. so please make the video in the best quality.

Thumbnails And Titles of your Video

Think about yourself if you open a video on youtube. so what basis you open the video so first is that video thumbnail is good and the second his video title is good. Thumbnails and your title are very important for your youtube channel so please make eye cache thumbnails and title about your video.

Keyword Research

If you do not research for keywords to use them in your video. so your youtube would not promote your video in search. so the impact your video performance. so please research for keywords and use them in your youtube tags and description.

Social Traffic

When you upload your video on youtube. so share them in social media for initial views and subscribers. and they improve your ranking on youtube so make sure to share your video on youtube.


I hope you like these tips if you like this please share it. and my suggestion is that upload videos regularly on your youtube channel and keep working on your quality. Thanks

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