Youtube titles and descriptions (2020)

Youtube titles and descriptions


Hello, viewers, I hope you all will be fine. and today I will tell you the importance of title and description on youtube video ranking. and I will tell the main two things about video ranking on youtube so let get started.

High Subscribers Channel

The first is high Subscriber channels. and the high subscriber channels the title and descriptions are half importance than low subscriber channels because if they upload video and set as title of the video is "No Title" Even as video Title is "No Title" but views will come on it. because is subscriber is too high.
and if they set as the title is SEO friendly so there are 100% chances that as video as come on the youtube search result.

Low Subscribers Channel

And the second is low subscriber channels. and low subscriber channels need full SEO titles and descriptions because they are new and they are in the growth phase so the SEO titles and descriptions are very important for a new channel. and if you are titles and descriptions are SEO friendly so your videos will rank and you get views on low subscriber and your video views will increase day by day and you will grow.


And my conclusion is that if your channel is new so please focus on your video title, descriptions, and thumbnails. these are the basic and very important factors for your channel and video growth and please focus on your content if you are new. thanks

if you have any question please comment below I will answer you.

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