how to make money from blog (2020)

 how to make money from blog

Hello! Viewer, today I will tell you that how you can make money from a blog. and explained to you how popular blogs make money from his blogs. so please read the full articles. so let get started.

advertising company

The first and the most popular method is to connect your blog to an advertising company like Adsense,, and other advertisings companies. and 90% of blogs use this to make money from his blogs.

affiliate marketing

This method his only use who blogs which sell a product of another website for E.x a website is promoted amazon product but they are not amazon. so promoting other websites to increase his sale is called affiliate marketing. and when you promote a product you will get a commission on his sale. so this is called affiliate marketing and I suggest you that use affiliate marketing on your blog because it's earning his 10% high from the upper method.


If your blog was popular so you will get sponsorships automatically in this case user-pay you directly. and you will complete the user task as he wants. this is a very easy and simple method to make money from the blog if your blog is popular.


I hope you will like these three methods to make money from the blog. these are the most popular method to make money from blogs. if your blog is new please use affiliate marketing. thanks

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